Beverly Hills

Beverly Hills SignThe Beverly Hills Courthouse handles criminal cases for crimes allegedly committed in Beverly Hills, as well as in most parts of West Hollywood and other areas of West Los Angeles. The Beverly Hills Courthouse often makes headlines for high profile celebrity cases, however, these make up only a tiny fraction of its criminal cases.
While the Beverly Hills Courthouse handles nearly all types of criminal cases, including violent crimes such as domestic violence, robbery and even murder, the majority of its cases involve crimes such as Driving on a Suspended License, Driving Under the Influence (DUI), Public Intoxication, Theft, marijuana and drug crimes, and assault and battery.

The Beverly Hills Courthouse tends to handle more of these offenses than violent felonies for several reasons. Beverly Hills Police are renowned for pulling over drivers with even minimal probable cause that they have committed a traffic offense. As a result, driving offenses such as Driving Without A License and Driving on a Suspended License tend to be charged with greater frequency in Beverly Hills than in other cities, and Beverly Hills Police are constantly on the look-out for possible DUI offenses.

Beverly Hills and its surrounding cities, such as West Hollywood, have many bars, restaurants and clubs. The consumption of alcohol at such venues often leads to crimes such as public fights (assault and battery) and public intoxication. Drug crimes involving marijuana, ecstasy, cocaine, prescription and other drugs sometimes go hand-in-hand with Beverly Hills' entertainment scene. Crimes such as prostitution, while not that common within the city of Beverly Hills, occur with greater frequency in the surrounding cities of West Hollywood and Hollywood. Many of these cases are filed at the Beverly Hills Courthouse.

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